More than half a century has passed since, in a small workshop in Milano, ORMAG was founded on 17th May 1948. Its main activity was to restore the printing machines damaged during the Second World War.

At that time a working collaboration began with "Calcografia & Cartevalori" one of the most important printing companies.

Its owner, Mr. Gualtiero Giori, a man of genius with the talent to foresee and anticipate the future needs, commissioned to design and build a brand new Six Colour Intaglio Machine  with innovative features called "PHOTO".

This was the first experience "From the idea to the running machine", followed by numerous other projects such as, in 1968, a brand new high speed "Rotogravure Machine" with a fully automatic cylinder change, a revolutionary Sheet Fed Rotary Perforation Machine for stamps in 1985.

 Starting from 1987, ORMAG entered in the field of automatic quality inspection.


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